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They are amazingly elegant, more conservative than their American counterparts, and they always treat their men with respect. We’re talking about the Asian women for marriage — they are great, and it’s no surprise that lots of American men prefer dating Asian ladies. There are many reasons for that, actually.

We’ll talk about all these reasons here, but the main goal of is to help you find the best single Asian women — so if you want to date or marry a lady from Asia, stop wasting time and do it right now!

Top-5 countries that offer mail order brides

Dozens of countries offer mail brides, but these 5 countries are definitely the most interesting ones!


The ladies from this country are loyal, beautiful, and extremely active (but you will not feel bad about it; it only means that you won’t feel bored with them). China has an old mail-order bride history, so your Chinese lady won’t have any problems with moving to your city.


They look fantastic, they are extremely smart and hard-working, and they are, if you’ll forgive us for this generalization, very similar to the Western girls. But even if they are Westernized, they are still a little conservative and family-centered.

The Philippines

Caring, fun, exotic. These ladies are a great choice if you’re looking for a woman who isn’t spoiled by the latest Western trends. The Filipino ladies are very feminine, so if you want to build a strong relationship, you should think about dating a girl from this country.


These girls know English (although they are not so good in English as, say, their Japanese counterparts), they are family-centered, conservative, and quite fun. Very similar to the girls from the Philippines, actually.

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The women from this country don’t have any problems with an intercultural marriage, which is just great. They are very exotic, they look great, and they make perfect wives — so if you’re going to build strong long-term relationship, you just can’t miss them.

Why do single Asian girls want to find a foreign husband?

It’s logical — almost all men have such questions. Like, why would beautiful, and intelligent ladies want to go abroad? There’s always a catch, right?

Well, no. Not in this case. There are actually 3 reasons why these women want to find a husband from the USA or any other first-world country. Here they are:

  • Their countries are poor. Like, really poor. It’s not the reason for the Japanese or Chinese ladies to flee, of course — their countries don’t have such problems with economy as, for example, Thailand and Vietnam. It makes sense that thousands of women want to live in a better country with higher salaries and living standards.
  • They believe that western guys are much better. That’s true — when we say that Asian girls are conservative, we do also mean that their guys are conservative, too. Domestic violence, violence against women, gender stereotypes — all these problems are quite common in Asia, especially in the Southeast region. Western guys look like real Supermen in comparison!
  • They want their future kids to live much better lives than they have lived. It’s all about socio-economic problems — the countries with high level of unemployment, corruption, discrimination, and with poor quality education are not the best places to raise children. Women from poor regions want their children (existing or yet to be born) to live in a better country, and USA looks like a great place for them.

Top-3 reasons why Asian mail order brides are worth it

Want to know why you definitely should buy Asian wife? There are at least three reasons to do it!


First of all, they are really smart. You’ve probably heard that the quality of education is quite low in the Asian countries (it’s probably one of the most common Asian women stereotypes), but it’s 100% not true. These women speak English, they can work and earn money, and each of them can be safely called a very interesting person.


Nothing to say here: Asian beauty is the thing we all heard about. Exotic beauty, oval faces, perfect skin, healthy black hair — these ladies look very, very good.

Conservative ideas

They want to have a family, not a career. They want to take care of husband and children, not to complain about a low salary. They are feminine, a little conservative, and family-centered — so every man who’s looking for a future wife should think about these ladies.

How are Asian brides in comparison to American women?

We can’t say that Asian ladies or American ladies are better, no. They are different — and here, we’ll talk about these differences.

    • Asians are more conservative, as we’ve said. They don’t care about feminism, “equal rights” and all this stuff. You’ll never hear your future wife complaining that you’re an emotional abuser, a white supremacist, or anything like this.
    • Asians want to have family. Let’s be honest, American ladies (the majority of them) are too focused on career. Asians are not.
  • Asians are not so direct and open. Every medal has two sides, right? Asian ladies tend to be shy, and they are definitely not as open as their American counterparts.
  • Your Asian gf won’t do anything without taking you into consideration. Again, nothing to say here — these women certainly can’t be called “too independent”. But we are sure that you’ll love it!

How to understand that you have to meet Asian women

It’s very simple, actually. Just answer these three questions to understand if you should even start this long journey!

Question #1: Are you tired of selfish and self-centered ladies who only want to build a career? If the answer is “yes”, Asians are definitely for you. Asian brides in USA
are very far from what we call “selfish”, that’s a fact.

Question #2: Do you want to find a lady who’ll always take your side? The thing is, it’s one of the coolest features of these women. Your wife will always support you, even if she won’t agree with you. Isn’t it great?

Question #3: Do you want to have a super-strong family? Because, as we’ve already said, these girls are very, very family-centered. They want to have kids, they want to take care of a husband, and they want to be homemakers, not super successful businesswomen.

How to find an Asian woman to marry?

In real world, you always have to try hard to get something great. Lucky you, that’s not how it works when it comes to dating — here, you’ll only have to choose the site, sign up, and find the woman! There are millions (literally!) of great women, who are waiting for you — so stop wasting time, choose the site, and start searching right now!

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